The online world is our new frontier and challenge. Based on our solid offline experience, we will expand our business to the online world in order to enhance our customer satisfaction and create a mutual Win-Win situation.

We have grown drastically in a short period of time. We have a long journey before become a today's Quince International. We had both enjoyable and unpleasant experiences, but yet valuable.
Quince International played a leading role in modernization of Korean logistic industry. But we are not going to be satisfied of what we have done. Quince International will make every effort to satisfy the need of the customer through developing new product, advancing service quality and instituting state of the art information system. We will continue our commitment to the customer by bring the best of out-sourcing, logistic, and distribution services. We will meet the constant changing needs of the customers and goes on further to create new market value and worth on the basis of apprehending the inner need of the customers.

n this opportunity I would like to express deep gratitude to our customer loyalty and employee commitment. We believe that our dedication to our customers and our business partners is our only goal. This belief drives everyone in our company to maximize customer satisfaction and to improve continuously our relationship with our customers.

This is our promise.